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Expedições Náuticas provides services in the area of ​​recreational boating. It promotes boat tours, mainly in the River and the Tagus Estuary, revealing the most beautiful things in it. The river Tagus is full of life, with a great natural wealth, landscape and ecological. It presents a unique biodiversity that deserves to be watched closely.

Headquartered at Seixal, Expedições Náuticas fills a gap in the provision of these services to tourism, in the recreational boating sector existing on the South Bank of the Tagus.

Expedições Náuticas plans to provide a service to those who lovenature, to those who wish to visit Seixal and appreciate its beauty and its rich gastronomy. We can also provide a different view to Corroios and his salt marsh as well as the Tide Mill museum. If your wish to visit and see Lisbon from another point of view, to observe and photograph the richness and beauty of the fauna and flora of the estuarine areas of the Tagus River, Expedições Náuticas also has tours for those plans.

José Pinheiro, Manager at "Expedições Náuticas"

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Expedições Náuticas

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